Catering services

  • Ukko Bistro & Deli Veturitalleilla
  • Anola Gastrocafe
    Suonenjoentie 522
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel.   +35850 571 6837
    Anola Gastrocafe is a summer cafe situated by the Lake Pieksäjärvi in the immediate vicinity of highway 72 and along the cycle path between the town and Vaalijala. The market place of Pieksämäki is about six kilometres away. Cafe has about 500 customer places, a splendid glass veranda and outside terraces. There are a meeting room (for 18 persons) and two saunas to order on the upper floor. Also private functions are possible at the space on the ground floor.
    We serve things to eat and refreshments using ingredients of the season, smoke salmon and sell smoked salmon also to take away. We organize public and entertainment events at Anola. Anola Restaurant serves the customers of Anola Golf and offers customers also programme services, organize a celebration at your own premises, provide photography services, guided nature tours and versatile exercise experiences in the Pieksämäki area. There are a public landing place, a lean-to and a toilet on the shore.
  • Helena Tullinen
    Tel. +35850 3454360
    Catering and each client’s happening’s organization. For example, birthday parties, funeral repasts, meetings and “little Christmas” parties.
  • Hilpeä Hospodar
    Tel. +35850 5401433
    Savontie 9
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Now it’s possible to organize festive and company occasions in the centre of Pieksämäki near a lake in a splendid historical environment. The restaurant provides services of a cafe and a fully licensed pub. The downstairs of the restaurant can be converted to seat 70-100 customers. There are two private dining rooms upstairs. The bigger one seats 30-40 customers, the smaller one 16. There are 15 seats for customers in the summer porch. In the summer the terrace seats 50 customers. For festive occasions a fenced area in the yard seats 200 customers.
  • Häkkilän tila
    Tel. +35840 730 6076 / Marianne Häkkinen
    Heinälammentie 50
    FIN-77120 Venetmäki
    A good old inn building which is let out for parties or celebrations by agreement. The main building has room for 50 persons and up-to-date kitchens. In summer we have banqueting halls with tables set for 150 persons in an old stone cowshed. Horses, carriages, music and other entertainment services with partners.
  • Jäppilän Kievari/JKstreetfood
    Tel. +35815 610 130
    Jäppilän Kirkkotie 3
    FIN-77570 Jäppilä
    We can host your private parties at our scenic Savo location with lakefront dining and the old charm of Kievari’s Tavern. We also do catering to your location and “fingerlickin good eats”  at events with our mobile streetfoodkitchen. We can set the tables with slowly smoked or flame grilled meats and Cajun specialties, or traditional local cuisine as well. Please inquire how we can make your party a culinary delight!
  • Kafé Villa
    Tel. +358500 678100
    Virastotie 2
    FIN-77330 Virtasalmi
    Summer cafe, festivity and meeting room. Open 2.4.-16.8. Mon-Fri 9am-3pm, other times by appointment. Home made lunch 11am-1pm. Catering services by appointment to customer’s own celebrations.
  • Kulttuurikahvila Poleeni (Cultural café Poleeni opens 31.8.2020)
    Savontie 13
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Café tel. +35844 0481062
    Poleeni ticket sale tel. +358400 855614
    Catering for meetings and events in Cultural Center Poleeni on request. Reservations and orders from the café.
  • Lomatrio
    Tel. +35820 741 5510
    Kangasniementie 18
    FIN-76850 Naarajärvi
    The Lomatrio camping ground is about 5 km from the centre of Pieksämäki. The area has a 170 seat café-restaurant, a sauna for rent, cooking facilities and a swimming beach. Congress facilities: the service station’s 240 seat downstairs restaurant with full alcohol license. Sauna to rent with two saunas and a fireplace room for about 20 people. Catering for meetings on request. Tasty and not expensive lunch every day.
  • Nikkarila
    Metsäopistontie 100
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Accommondation, conference rooms and programme services: +35845 660 1553 / Esko Sinkkonen
    Catering and celebrations: Nikkarila’s kitchen
    Tel. +35840 028 2494
    Different size conference and meeting rooms for groups. Catering by prior order. Also accommondation for groups. Regular and beach saunas and also a smoked sauna.
  • Partaharju
    Partaharjuntie 361
    FIN-76280 Partaharju
    Tel. +35844 725 4124
    On the shore of lake Salvosjärvi 6 km from the centre of Pieksämäki. Partaharju offers accommodation, restaurant, training and congress services. The kitchen’s (booking restaurant) speciality are adventure, wilderness and nature meals. 8 meeting rooms for 10-130 persons. Catering by prior reservation.
  • Pito- ja juhlapalvelu Kauppinen
    Tel. +358400 862 398
    Haapakuja 1-7 as 1
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Business events, family happenings, nature and wilderness meals, chef leasing. We also procure other services connected with such events.
  • Pöyhölän Pappila
    Pöyhöläntie 170
    FIN-76620 Pyhitty
    Tel. +358 50 307 8387 / owner Minna Vihonen
  • Restaurant HiiliWille
    Tel. +358400 176 315 or +35840 550 2547 /
    Mrs. Henna Laitinen-Taipale and Mr. Sauli Taipale
    Sarkaniementie 90
    FIN-77430 Siikamäki
  • Restaurant Taica
    Keskuskatu 16
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +358 50 365 3313
    Open Mon-Sat 10.30am-10.00pm, Sun 12am-10 pm.
  • Restaurant Viikuna
    Tel. +358400 944 059
    Huvilakatu 31
    FIN-76130 Pieksämäki
    Restaurant is opened on the work days from 7.30 and offers lunch from 10.30 to 12.30. We also cook takeaway food and offer our places for meetings and sauna. In the evenings and weekends we are opened according to reservations. There are places for 160 persons in the restaurant, in whole our place can hold 1000 people.
  • SantsiKahvi (Café-lunch restaurant)
    Tel. +35844 239 7650
    Länsiväylä 3
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Café-lunch restaurant for c. 30 persons. Catering for meetings by appointment. Open Mon-Fr 6am-6pm, Sa 8am-6pm. Lunch 10.30am-1pm on weekdays.
  • Sinikka Oinas
    Tel. +35840 753 4286
    Tuomelantie 21 B 3
    FIN-76150 Pieksämäki
    Catering services by appointment to customer’s own celebrations.
  • Tmi M. Salmi
    Kartanontie 2-4 C 16
    FI-76130 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35850 403 0040
    Catering services by appointment to customer’s own celebrations.
  • UKKO Bistro & Deli
    Tallikankaankatu 3
    FI- 76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35810 764 2480
    UKKO Bistro & Deli is a new unique cafe-restaurant concept at Veturitallit in Pieksämäki. The setting is magnificently rustic – you will enjoy your stay there from morning till evening.
    The selection of UKKO Bistro & Deli provides you with wonderful cafe products as well as fresh lunch and tasty á la carte delicacies.
    The premises are suitable for small relaxed meetings or cosy family or company gatherings. Open Mon-Thu 9-20 / cafe 9-18, Fri-Sat 9-23 / cafe 9-18, Sun 11-19 / cafe 11-17 (lunch on weekdays 10.30-14, á la carte on weekdays from 14.00 and weekends from 11.00). Group reservations and inquiries from sales service tel. 010 764 2000 (0.0835 €/call + 0.1209 €/min.) or
  • Ysimajat
    Uistinkuja 6
    FIN-76150 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35850 518 7640
    Motel accommodation beautifully situated on the shore of Lake Vangasjärvi. The apartments have beds for 4-6 persons.
    Kitchen-livingroom for self-catering.
    In addition, an assembly hall for about 100 people. Meetings/courses also possible, also for smaller groups. Lunch on weekdays