Cafes and restaurants

  • Pieksämäen Veturitalleilla rautatieaseman läheisyydessä sijaitsee UKKO Bistro & Deli, joka tarjoaa uniikkia kahvila-, lounas-, a la carte- sekä kokous- ja juhlapalvelua ainutlaatuisessa miljöössä. Sopii ryhmille.
  • ABC Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35815 206 2490
    Vehkanotko 5
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Modern traffic stop at the crossroads of road 72 and Länsiväylä. The restaurant has 225 seats and a summer terrace. 130 seats. Food and coffee catering by appointment, as well. Tasty buffet table, á la Carte menu and ABC burgers. Full alcohol license. The same building also houses a Sale shop. Open every day 6am-12pm.
  • Anola Gastrocafe
    Suonenjoentie 522
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel:   +35850 571 6837 / Kimmo
    AnolaKeskus is situated about 6 km from the marketplace towards Suonenjoki. It has a summer cafe, a wine cellar, terraces, and a country wine shop.
  • Bistro Hospodar (restaurant)
    Tel. +358400 480 855, +35850 540 1433
    Savontie 9
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Now it’s possible to organize festive and company occasions in the centre of Pieksämäki near a lake in a splendid historical environment. The restaurant provides services of a cafe and a fully licensed pub. The downstairs of the restaurant can be converted to seat 70-100 customers. There are two private dining rooms upstairs. The bigger one seats 30-40 customers, the smaller one 16. There are 15 seats for customers in the summer porch. In the summer the terrace seats 50 customers. For festive occasions a fenced area in the yard seats 200 customers.
  • Cafe Keidas
    Tel. +35844 799 5406 / Kimmo Peltonen
    Pieksämäki swimming-hall
    Opintie 3
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Open Mo, We, Th 12-19, Tu 9-19, Fr 9-18. Sa, Su – closed.
    A wide range of products: pastries, baguettes with fillings, salads and sweet buns. Freshly ground coffee, special coffee and cocoa. Sport meal, swimming equipment. There are places for 40 persons, TV-set and internet, as well as a lounge with a sofa, massage chair and information TV. There are also newspapers and magazines for customers, an aquarium, monthly changing art exhibitions. We serve all kids of events in the others swimming pool´s areas (for example, birthday parties and meetings). In our service point at the entrance you can get infromation about our swimming pool, gym and sport halls. Also there you can buy tickets to access the gym and the pool. The swimming-hall in closed 8.6.-11.8.2019.
  • Chinese restaurant Zan
    Tel. +35815 348 518
    Kauppakatu 5-7, 2. krs
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Open Mo-Fr 11-20, Sa-Su 12-19.
  • Daily Bread Street Food
    Pieksämäen market place
    Self-made sandwiches in June and July at the Pieksämäeki market place. Also coffee, tea, cocoa and refreshments. Open WE-Su 5pm-10pm.
  • El Centro Pizzeria
    Tel. +35815 482 042
    Savontie 3
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Eating enjoyment from pizza to kebab foods. Open Mo-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-9pm, Su 12am-9pm.
  • Fit Café
    Bola Pieksämäki
    Karjalankatu 37
    FIN-76150 Pieksämäki

    Tel. +35850 4080 280 
  • Hesburger Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35815 341 390
    Keskuskatu 13
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Hamburgers, salads, café services.
  • Jen Thairuoka
    Kaakinmäenkatu 14 2B
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35846 576 5550
  • Jäppilän Kievari/JKstreetfood (restaurant)
    Jäppilän Kirkkotie 3
    FIN-77570 Jäppilä
    Tel. +35815 610 130
    Our summer restaurant offers authentic Bbq and Cajun food, from flame grilled steaks & burgers to slowly smoked meats all done locally on premises. Our weekly menu also includes (vegetarian dishes please call) homemade southern style desserts along with self imported beers, wines and sodas at the bar. Table reservations recommended, please check our hours on web site.
  • Kahvila-Ravintola Fellini (Cafe restaurant)
    Tel. +35846 654 1201
    Marjatie 5-7
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Fellini – traditional Italian restaurant for whole family in Tahiniemi. Food in restaurant is hand-made from the beginning, that`s why our dishes are just melting in the mouse. Warm and relaxed atmosphere in Fellini attracts clients in lunch time, as well, as in the evenings – to have romantic dinner a`la carte.
  • Keski Cafe
    Tel. +35820 7871009
    Torikatu 3
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Opened from Monday to Friday 7.00 – 17.00. Tasty soups for lunch, big choice of different salads, baguettes and buns with different fillings, salty pies and so on. Tasty bakings from bakery Joroisten leipomo and Ramin konditoria (Mikkeli). Cakes according to orders, sandwich-cakes, small bakings, Danish pastrys. Coffee with syrups, cappuccino, espresso, latte, macchiato, cacao. Tasty, fresh bagels.  In summer there is also a convenience store and terrace on the square. Offer cold drinks, ice-cream, different toasts and chocolate waffles. All our products is also possible to take away in summer and winter.
  • Kotipizza Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35815 348 411
    Neste Pieksämäki
    Kaakinmäenkatu 16-20
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
  • Kulttuurikahvila Poleeni (Cultural café Poleeni)
    Savontie 13
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Café tel. +35844 0481062
    Poleeni ticket sale tel. +358400 855614
    Catering for meetings and events in Cultural Center Poleeni on request. Reservations and orders from the café.
  • Linnan Café
    Tel. +35844 389 9756
    Keskuskatu 20
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Open Mon-Thu 9.30am-3.30pm, Fri 9.30am-2.30pm.
  • Lomatrio Oy
    Tel. +35820 741 5510
    Kangasniementie 18
    FIN-76850 Naarajärvi
    The Lomatrio camping ground is about 5 km from the centre of Pieksämäki. The area has a 170 seat café-restaurant, a sauna for rent, cooking facilities and a swimming beach. Congress facilities: the service station’s 240 seat downstairs restaurant with full alcohol license. Sauna to rent with two saunas and a fireplace room for about 20 people. Catering for meetings on request. Tasty and not expensive lunch every day.
  • Moilas Oy / Myymälä-kahvio
    Tel. +35844 761 4422
    Paakarinpolku 1
    FIN-76850 Naarajärvi
    Wide range of gluten-free products and other bakery products. There is also a café-restaurant at the same premises. Bakery products and on weekdays breakfast and lunchbuffet.
  • Paltanen café and salmon fishing
    Järvisuomentie (17 km from Pieksämäki to Jyväskylä)
    FIN-77110 Paltanen
    Tel. +358 40 5410 666
    Paltasen kahvila ja lohikalastus facebookissa
    Summer café. Open Sun-Fri 10am-7pm, Sat from 10am-6pm (till the end of August). Shop, cafe, beach. Salmon fishing. License is possible to be paid through Internet-bank, instruction is available on café`s web-page.
  • Partaharjukeskus
    Partaharjuntie 361
    FIN-76280 Partaharju
    Tel. +35840 554 2801, booking +35844 725 4124
    Offers service for different events (according to orders) whole year long. Summer cafe Reppukahvio is open daily 11am-6pm.
  • Pelda Pizzeria & Kiila Bar
    Savontie 45
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35840 123 9367
    Open 10.30am-8pm
  • Pizzeria Revontuli
    Tel. +35840 198 7233
    Lampolahdenkatu 6
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Open 10.30am-10pm
  • Pöyhölän Pappila
    Pöyhöläntie 170
    FIN-76620 Pyhitty
    Tel. +358 50 307 8387 / owner Minna Vihonen
  • Restaurant Blancco
    Tel. +35815 348 744
    Tallikatu 9
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
  • Restaurant Roj Ava
    Asemakatu 2
    . +35850 470 7493
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki 
  • Restaurant Taica
    Keskuskatu 16
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +358 50 365 3313
  • Restaurant Viikuna
    Tel. +358400 944 059
    Huvilakatu 31
    FIN-76130 Pieksämäki
    Restaurant is opened on the work days from 7.30 and offers lunch from 10.30am-0.30pm. We also cook takeaway food and offer our places for meetings and sauna. In the evenings and weekends we are opened according to reservations. There are places for 160 persons in the restaurant, in whole our place can hold 1000 people.
  • SantsiKahvi (Café-lunch restaurant)
    Tel. +35844 239 7650
    Länsiväylä 3
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Café-lunch restaurant for c. 50 persons. Catering for meetings by appointment. Open Mon-Fri 6am-6pm, Sat 8am-6pm. Lunch 10.30am-1pm on weekdays.
  • Tarukivi Laitinen
    Rajakankaantie 419
    FIN-77330 Virtasalmi
    Tel. +35815 622 134, +358 400 676 159,
    Summer café open 1.4 – 31.10. 10am-8pm, 1.11-31.3. 10am-4pm (or according to agreement). Handmade stone jewelries and wooden souvenirs. Also eggs, dry flowers, woolen needles, sheep skin and soft toys. Guides to local entertainments, forest tracks, grill place, sell fishing licenses, rent boats. Grill house and animals in the yard.
  • Torikahvila Mailuska
    Kauppakatu 5, Pieksämäen kauppatori
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +358500 168944 / Kirsi
  • UKKO Bistro & Deli (restaurant)
    Tallikankaankatu 3
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35810 764 2480
    UKKO Bistro & Deli is a new unique cafe-restaurant concept at Veturitallit in Pieksämäki. The setting is magnificently rustic – you will enjoy your stay there from morning till evening.
    The selection of UKKO Bistro & Deli provides you with wonderful cafe products as well as fresh lunch and tasty á la carte delicacies.
    The premises are suitable for small relaxed meetings or cosy family or company gatherings. Open Mon-Thu 9-20 / cafe 9-18, Fri-Sat 9-23 / cafe 9-18, Sun 11-19 / cafe 11-17 (lunch on weekdays 10.30-14, á la carte on weekdays from 14.00 and weekends from 11.00). Group reservations and inquiries from sales service tel. 010 764 2000 (0.0835 €/call + 0.1209 €/min.) or
  • Wanha Hot Car grilli
    Moilaskuja 1
    FIN-76850 Naarajärvi
    Tel. +35840 120 4411
    Wanha Hot Car grilli in facebook
  • Ysimajat
    Uistinkuja 6
    FIN-76150 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35850 518 7640
    Motel accommodation beautifully situated on the shore of Lake Vangasjärvi. The apartments have beds for 4-6 persons.
    Kitchen-livingroom for self-catering.
    In addition, an assembly hall for about 100 people. Meetings/courses also possible, also for smaller groups. Lunch on weekdays