Summer cottage and farm accommodation

  • Luokin loman upea päärakennus.

Pieksämäki is situated in the area in Finland rich in cottages and you can find here a wide range of rental cottages. You can have a pleasant stay in cottages on the shores of clean lakes rich in fish. Alternatively, hotel accommodation is available right in the centre of the town at Hotel Savonsolmu by the lake Pieksäjärvi. Partaharju Vacation Centre, Nikkarila and Lomatrio provide group accommodation.

  • Ahvenisen kämpät
    Kartanontie 6
    FIN-76130 Pieksämäki
    Tel.+35850 559 8145,
    Homepage (Vatunki): Google M589
    Located 30 km from Pieksämäki along road 23 towards Varkaus. On the shore of the clear water  Ahvenisenlampi pond. For rent two 4 person all year cottages in peaceful surroundings. Good terrain for nature hiking, possibility to rent cross-country skis and snow shoes. Nearby a Lapp hut and lean-to.
  • Aimo Nykänen
    Tarvaanniementie 43
    FIN-77330 Virtasalmi
    Tel. +358400 275 653
    Four person cottage suitable for summer living on the shore of lake Pölkönjärvi, 8 km from Virtasalmi towards Väisälä. The cottage has a sauna, veranda, combined kitchen and dinner room and a bedroom. Grill shed with a sleeping alcove. Electric stove, lighting, fridge and fireplace oven. The yard has a firewood shed, grill, toilet hut, yard lighting and drinking water well.
  • Esa ja Satu Pöntinen
    Alakyläntie 215
    FIN-77140 Vanaja
    Tel. +35850 398 0080, +35850 353 0965
    Two cottages by the Lake Vanajanjärvi about 30 km from the centre of Pieksämäki. A 90 m² log cabin in two floors, two bed rooms. A 70 m² log panel cabin fit for winter habitation, sleeping places for 4 persons. Classification of Lomarengas four stars. Wireless Internet connection subject to a charge.
  • Esko Sopanen
    Itä-Pyhintyntie 380
    FIN-76620 Pyhitty
    Tel. +35850 353 8987, +35840 519 7422
    Three cottages by the Lake Pyhitty about 10 km from the centre of Pieksämäki. A cottage for two persons with place for four persons if necessary and a cottage for four persons. The above-mentioned for summer use. In addition, a cottage for four persons fit for winter habitation with place for five persons if necessary. Every cottage has a barbecue shelter. A rowing boat is available. Good beach for swimming.
  • Hällinmäen majat
    Juvantie  657
    FIN-77330 Virtasalmi
    Tel. +35840 809 1778
    Two cottages are situated on the distance near 6 km from the center of Virtasalmi (to the Juva side). In all cottages – 5 sleeping places. Sauna is situated in the separate street building. There is a street toilet.  Besides, on the same yard there is a house, where can sleep 6-8 persons more. In this house there is an inside toilet.
  • Jani Naukkarinen
    Tel. +35844 3541166
    A cottage with electricity and own beach. Sleeping places for 4 persons.
    Outside toilet, own well, lakeside sauna and barbecue included.
  • Kaisa Huttunen
    Tel. +358400 193 777
    A wooden house by the lake Syvänsi, beds for 4 persons. Electric heating. Renovation in 2001.
  • Katri Paunonen
    Tel. +35850 345 1257
    A cottage built in 1986, beds for 6 persons and an own beach. Renovated in 2011.
  • Kukkaroniemen mökki/Sirpa Suhonen
    Kukkaroniementie 430
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35844 5963 433
    A well-equipped cottage for yearround use at the shore of Lake Pieksäjärvi, only approx. 4 km from the centre of Pieksämäki. The separate accommodation building can facilitate 14 people. Games, a beach volley field and rowing boat available during the summer.
  • Lamminmäen metsästysseuran maja
    Tel. +35840 7421 340 / Kari Nykänen
  • Lehtorannan Lomamökit
    Tel. +358400 250 010 / Jaana ja Veijo Ylönen
    Lehtorannantie 96
    FIN-76850 Pieksämäki
    Lehtorannan Lomamökit offers inexpensive cottage accommodation on the shore of lakes in the peace of the countryside. Our cosy cottages are situated by the Lake Niskajärvi and Lake Iso-Nivujärvi in southern Niskamäki. We hire out in the shoreline areas of the farmhouse Lehtoranta the cottages Lehtopirtti and Niittypirtti and by the Lake Niskajärvi the cottages Tervaniemi and Maisemarinne.
    Lehtorannan Lomamökit is a family enterprise which hires out cottages. We provide friendly and good-quality service to all our customers. We have been hiring out cottages already since 2008.
    Firewood and rowing boat are included in the rent. All our cottages have electric light and heating and can be reached by car. There are also a jetty, barbecue place and garden furniture. The nearest services are in the population centre of Naarajärvi about 10 km and the centre of Pieksämäki about 14 km away.
  • Lomahuvila Tikkamäki
    Suurimäentie 100
    FIN-77330 Virtasalmi
    Tel. +358400 741 647
    Built in 2016, Tikkamäki is a cosy holiday villa situated in Virtasalmi. The spacious terrace, accessible through both the kitchen and the dressing room, offers a view over the lake. The light open plan kitchen-living room is the perfect place to spend time together. Kitchen appliances and tableware make cooking and serving easy and enjoyable. In the living room there is a comfortable seating area with an ottoman and a Tulikivi-fireplace which spreads pleasant warmth into the room. The two bedrooms next to the main entrance are furnished with 80-cm-long box-spring beds. The villa has two saunas, an indoor sauna with an electric heater and a wood-burning lakeside sauna. The lakeside sauna guarantees a mellow heat followed by a refreshing soak in the wood-fired hot tub outdoors. The jetty invites you to take a refreshing dip in Lake Iso-Tikkala. A rowing boat and life vests are also at your disposal. Do your grocery shopping in the beautiful village centre about six kilometres away.
    Observing seasonal changes brings joyful moments into your holiday-making, from birds building nests to cool and peaceful autumn days. Berry and mushroom picking are simple yet joyful pastimes, too.
  • Lomamökit Keidas
    Haukivuorentie 640
    FIN-77220 Neuvola
    Tel. +358400 173 393 (search: Neuvola)
    About 20 km from Pieksämäki, on the shore of lake Vehvasjärvi. Four cottages suitable for winter living for 4-10 persons. Each has electric heating, indoor toilet, piped hot and cold water, microwave, fridge, coffee maker, electric stove, television, fireplace and wood heated sauna. Each cottage has its own boat. Bicycle and snow mobile rental by request. Cottages can be rented for a weekend, a week or a month.
  • Luokin Loma
    Ristimäentie 730
    FIN-77220 Neuvola
    Tel. +35844 363 6532
    Object is situated between the wide forest areas, where there are lots of abilities for outdoor activities. For reservation there is the main building of the complex and small cottage with sauna, where there are sleeping places for 2 persons. Also in the complex there is a lean-to and separate building, where there is an ability to spend night, as well. There are places for 4 persons there. In cottage with sauna there is a stove (without oven), a fridge, microwave oven, flat screen tv and set for dishes. Bed clothes can be given according to agreement. Warm water – from the lake. Domestic water – from the well. In sauna there is a wooden sauna stove, warm floor and water from the lake.
  • Marttila Holiday Cottages
    Niskajärventie 280
    FIN-77220 Neuvola
    Holiday cottages with their own beaches at the shore of Lake Niskajärvi, approx. 18 km from Pieksämäki.
    Länsipirtti and Rantapirtti, tel. +35850 512 5290 / Tyyne Ylönen
  • Matinvuori
    Maavedentie 246
    FIN-77570 Jäppilä
    Tel. +358400 719 051 / Matti Kauhanen
    Eight person luxury cottage.
  • Mika Luukkanen
    Tel. +35840 548 5426
  • Monnin Leirikeskus
    Tel. +35840 706 8686 / Timo Tapio or +35844 588 3557 / Marja Nykänen
  • Motopark Raceway
    Motoparkintie 62
    FIN-77330 Virtasalmi
    Miia Raukko and Tapio Nevala
    Raceway tel. +35844 278 0088
    Accommodation reservations:
    4-6 person cottages for summer use , 3-4 person rooms in the yard building as well as tent and caravan spaces. Showers and toilets in a separate building. The area also has two beach saunas and an outdoor sauna.
  • Mukkulan Mökit & Maatila (Mukkula Cottages and Farm)/ Myllytupa, Sirpukka and Hiskonhelmi
    Elsa and Matti Markkanen
    Tel. Elsa +35850 323 2520, Matti +35850 402 1440
    Mukkulantie 51
    FIN-77580 Tihusniemi
    Holiday cottages: Myllytupa, Sirpukka and Hiskonhelmi.
    The cottages are old, transported log buildings with unique, soothing atmosphere; the old logs have their own stories to tell.
    The customer gets a chance to rest in the nature. A lake landscape with no other cottages nearby opens up from the cottages. In the summer the surrounding nature offers opportunities for outdoor activities, picking mushrooms and berries as well as fishing. In winter it’s possible to do snowshoe walking, skiing or winter fishing in the nature.
    Myllytupa (for 14 persons): Fully equipped holiday home with barrier-free downstairs by the lake Väärälampi and river Vääräjoki. Seven bedrooms, living room/kitchen, 3 toilets, sauna section. Barbecue shed, storage shed and covered-in terrace. Suitable venue for small-scale celebrations.
    Sirpukka: Cottage by the lake Suontjärvi, renovated in 2016. The cottage has beds for 4+2 persons. In the yard an outbuilding from the 1800s, as a playing place for children. Wood-heated sauna, barbecue and shelter as well as boathouse by the lake.
    Hiskonhelmi (for 4 persons): Ideal place for bird watchers and nature lovers. There are many species of birds in the vicinity of the cottage and in the swamp fields and in spring you can follow displays of back grouses and what migratory birds are doing. The cottage has two bedrooms, living room/kitchen, toilet and wood-heated sauna by the lake. Pets allowed. Near the yard summer stable with places for two horses, pasture and good, varying terrains for riding.
  • Pirjo and Kari Lappi / Hermannin Huvila and Villa Hermanni
    Tel. +35850 5242162, +358500 947 872
    Two home quality cottages suitable for winter living in Hietakylä of Jäppilä on the shore of lake Suontee ca. 30 km from Pieksämäki. Distance to closest services 10 km.
    Hermannin Huvila Fintouring Hermannin Huvila
    Hermannin Huvila has sleeping room and mattresses for 8 people. The cottage has 2 bedrooms, a loft, living room, kitchen, sauna, washing and dressing room, WC. Usually rented to Germans.
    Villa Hermanni (Target 7559)
    Villa Hermanni offers accommodation for at most 12 people. The cottage has a large living room, 4 bedrooms, a living/sleeping loft, sauna, washing and dressing room, indoor WC, TV, radio, electric heating, fireplace etc. Lomarengas classification ****.
  • Pöyhölän Pappila
    Pöyhöläntie 170
    FIN-76620 Pyhitty
    Tel. +35850 307 8387 / Minna Vihonen
    Accommodation available for 16 people in 4 (for 4 persons) separate rooms.
  • Rauhala
    Maavedentie 207A
    FIN-77570 Jäppilä
    Additional information / reservations: or
  • Reijo Poikolainen
    Tel. +35840 508 3222
    Spacious 5-6 person log cabin suitable for summer living. Located 3 km from Paltanen along road 23 to Jyväskylä. Upstairs a full loft, downstairs a living room, kitchen cabinet and bedroom. The yard has a sauna building with terrace, built-in cauldron and electric sauna heater. Fireplace, wood/gas stove, gas fridge. Beach suitable for children.
  • Rusinlahti
    Maavedentie 182A
    FIN-77570 Jäppilä
    Tel. +358400 357 967 / Pekka Rastas
    Reservations and additional information:
  • Taina Laitinen / Kaijonselän mökit
    Reservations:  +35840 510 7326
    A high-quality cottage on the shore of the clear-watered Lake Pyhitty is for rent throughout the year. Shallow beach suitable for children and peaceful location about 10 km from the centre of Pieksämäki. Varkaus and Joroinen are 40 km away, Mikkeli 78 km and Hankasalmi 50 km.
    The main building has two bedrooms, the spacious kitchen-livingroom has a pull-out sofa bed and a bed for one person. There is a pull-out sofa bed in the separate sauna building. Two extra beds for children and a travel bed for a baby. The kitchen is fully equipped (dishwasher, washing machine, indoor toilet, shower, coffee maker, electric kettle, flat screen tv, DVD player, WiFi, fireplace and gas barbecue. There is a spacious terrace with furnishings for the time of barbecuing in front of the sauna building on the shore. Some outdoor and indoor games, books and 2 bikes as well as fish traps are available at the cottage. Wood-heated sauna. The cottage is heated with terrestrial heat and waste heat is recovered. Water saving underpressure toilet. Waste recycling has been taken care of. The nearest neighbour is about 100 m away but the location is sheltered. The sun shines to the yard from afternoon to evening.
    We have another cottage for rent on the shore of Lake Kaitajärvi at the village of Kaitainen in Joroinen halfway between Juva and Joroinen.
  • Teittilän Talli
    Vilhulantie 360
    FIN-76850 Naarajärvi
    Tel. Päivi +35840 733 3205, Petri +35840 596 6025
    Cottages suitable for summer living on the shore of lake Vangasjärvi ca. 10 km from Pieksämäki and on the shore of lake Ala-Siili ca. 10 km from Pieksämäki. 2 small sauna cottages with sleeping sheds. The sheds have bedding for two persons. Two slightly bigger cottages with sleeping sheds.
  • Ulla Hynninen
    Tel. +35840 528 2017
    Cottage on the pond (440×800)  coast in beautiful place. There no any others living places on this coast. Distance to the center of Jäppilä – near 1 km (there you can find shops, ATM, library and restaurant). Wooden cottage was built in 1985. On the territory there is a separate kitchen, big balcony, sauna, dressing room, small inside toilet, big terrace and outside balcony. Light – from sun energy, TV set, radio and CD player. Besides, there is a fire-place, wood stove, small oven, gas stove and fridge. Besides, there are all necessary dishes and equipment for making food, candles. Bed clothes, towels and pillows – according o agreement.  There are table and street games, gum boat and water bicycle (for 4 persons). Road to the coast – near 20 meters, on the coast there is a dock and row boat. Approximately after 100 meters – smoke sauna, next to it – goad sand coast. Smoke sauna is made after the reservation (50 euro). If you stay in the cottage in time of a week or more, – than it is free. Personal well, from which water goes to bathroom. In the yard there is a latrine, wood grill and gas grill. Small area for hunt – near 200 hectares (15 euro per person). First of all, cottage is rent for week and more, but it is also possible to rent it for weekends, if there are free places.
  • Vesa Rissanen
    Tel. +35850 067 2964 / Vesa
    Additional information / reservations:
    60 m² cottage is situated in peaceful place on the lake coast. 3 rooms, 6 sleeping places. Cottage was built in 1970, there is a big covered terrace. Sand lake coast with hard bottom fits good for spending time with children. Equipment: fridge, dock, balcony, sauna, shower, electricity, fire-place. TV-set, outside toilet, boat, water pipe.
  • Vesa Ylönen
    Tel. +35840 522 3220
    One and a half story 4 person log cabin in Kortelampi, ca. 30 km from Pieksämäki. Living room, bedroom, loft and 4 beds. Equipped with fireplace, fridge, heating oven, gas stove, dishes, TV. Electricity from solar panel. Grill at the shore. Possibility to use row-boat. Sandy swimming beach, well suited for children. Located in peaceful surroundings.
  • Villa Mairela
    Paaskoskentie 2
    FIN-77220 Neuvola
    Tel. +358 45 644 6615
    Facebook: Villa Mairela
    Instagram: villamairela
    Villa Mairela is a cozy well-equipped detached house located on the shore of lake Pyhaluoma (20 km from Pieksamaki/80 km from both Mikkeli and Jyvaskyla). The villa sleeps 10 people (4 bedrooms) total living area being 160 sq. metres. Private beach, ideal shore for children (sand bottom, gradual slope). Lovely view on the lake from the living room and 2 of the bedrooms. Air-source heat pump provides cooling in the summer. Wood-heated fireplace in the living room. Fully-equipped kitchen for 10 persons. Camp-fire, gas-bbq, rowing boat, wood-heated sauna, wlan. We speak English, French and Finnish.