Accommodation services

  • Montolan Koulun Majatalon kauniit huoneet hurmaavat.
  • Jäppilän Majoitus
    Jäppilän Kirkkotie 7
    FIN-77570 Jäppilä
    Tel. +35840 874 8585 / Kaisa Tissari
  • Lomatrio Oy
    Kangasniementie 18
    FIN-76850 Naarajärvi
    Tel. +35820 741 5510
    The Lomatrio camping grounds are about 5 km from the centre of Pieksämäki. Six motel rooms to accommodate 20 guests. The 110 km long Naarajoki paddling route begins here. The grounds include a café-restaurant (170 seats), a rentable sauna, cooking facilities and a swimming beach. Conference space: the 240 seat ground floor restaurant (full liquor license) of the service station, the rent sauna with a meeting/fireplace room for about 20 persons. Catering by prior order. Tasty lunch every day.
  • Montolan Koulun Majatalo
    Välitie 24
    FIN-77350 Montola
    Tel. +35850 591 2240
    Montolan Koulun Majatalo (Montola school inn) offers tidy and spacious rooms conveniently near Mikkelintie in Montola. The inn has three rooms as well as a shared kitchen and toilet/shower. Own fenced garden and a covered-in terrace are also available. Due to its small size and its location the inn is an excellent choice for travellers who appreciate their own peace.
  • Motopark Raceway
    Motoparkintie 62
    FIN-77330 Virtasalmi
    Miia Raukko ja Tapio Nevala
    Tel. +35844 278 0088
    Accommondation reservations:
    Facebook Motopark-Raceway
  • Nikkarila
    Metsäopistontie 100
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Accommondation +35845 660 1553 Esko Sinkkonen
    Kitchen +35840 028 2494
    Different size conference and meeting rooms for groups. Catering by prior order. Also accommondation for groups maximum 100 persons. Regular and beach saunas and also a smoked sauna.
  • Partaharju
    Partaharjuntie 361
    FIN-76280 Partaharju
    Tel. +35844 725 4124
    Partaharju is on the shore of lake Salvosjärvi 6 km from central Pieksämäki. Accommodation, dining, training and conference services. Eight conference rooms for 10-130 people (classrooms, halls). Catering by prior order. The kitchen’s specialities are experience, wilderness and nature meals.
  • Pöyhölän Pappila
    Pöyhöläntie 170
    FIN-76620 Pyhitty
    Tel. +35850 307 8387 / emäntä Minna Vihonen
  • Teit Resort Finland Oy
    Vilhulantie 251 D
    FIN-76850 Naarajärvi
    Tel. +35841 318 7750
    In an environment of great natural beauty by the lake Vangasjärvi, an old building with riding stables was changed by its new owner into the modern hotel restaurant Teit Resort. It is located close to a population centre by the lake Naarajärvi where you can spend your time peacefully and enjoy nature. Teit Resort’s location by the clean lake Vangasjärvi is one of the hotel’s advantages. The restaurant’s interior is made of genuine logs of dead barkless pine providing a warm Lappish atmosphere which has to be experienced on the spot. Our reasonable prices and friendly service employees are good reasons for choosing Teit Resort. We offer accommodation, restaurant, conference and catering services.
  • Wanhan Neuvolan Majatalo
    Selkiöntie 24
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tarja Vatanen +35845 189 0710
  • Ysimajat
    Uistinkuja 6
    FIN-76150 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35850 518 7640 tai
    Moteltype accommodation beautifully situated on the shore of Lake Vangasjärvi. The apartments have beds for 4-6 persons.
    Kitchen-livingroom for self-catering.
    In addition, an assembly hall for about 100 people. Meetings/courses also possible, also for smaller groups.
    Sauna by the lake, hot tub and grill hut.