Accommodation services

  • Kartanomajoitus Sofia & Angelique tarjoaa tyylikästä uutta majoitustilaa Asuntolassa ja Pohjola -talossa.
  • Jäppilän Majoitus
    Jäppilän Kirkkotie 7
    FIN-77570 Jäppilä
    Tel. +35840 874 8585 / Kaisa Tissari
  • Kartanomajoitus Sofia & Angelique
    Pyhityntie 45
    FIN-76620 Pyhitty
    Tel. +35841 317 4756
    Groups and conferences: Minna Pulliainen +35844 334 9075 / Kartanomajoitus Sofia & Angelique
    Kartanomajoitus Sofia & Angelique provides accommodation services on the countryside but yet near the town. The City of Pieksämäki is about 4 km away. Altogether there are 10 rooms, of which five double rooms in the house Asuntola and five in the house Pohjola. Pohjola also has a breakfast room as well as a festival hall.
    Guests can make their own breakfast or order the breakfast of the house for a separate price. The houses have free wifi.
    Groups, meeting participants, invited guests and individual tourists are warmly welcome throughout the year.
  • Lomatrio Oy
    Kangasniementie 18
    FIN-76850 Naarajärvi
    Tel. +35820 741 5510
    The Lomatrio camping grounds are about 5 km from the centre of Pieksämäki. Six motel rooms to accommodate 20 guests. The 110 km long Naarajoki paddling route begins here. The grounds include a café-restaurant (170 seats), a rentable sauna, cooking facilities and a swimming beach. Conference space: the 240 seat ground floor restaurant (full liquor license) of the service station, the rent sauna with a meeting/fireplace room for about 20 persons. Catering by prior order. Tasty lunch every day.
  • Montolan Koulun Majatalo
    Välitie 24
    FIN-77350 Montola
    Tel. +35850 591 2240
    Montolan Koulun Majatalo (Montola school inn) offers tidy and spacious rooms conveniently near Mikkelintie in Montola. The inn has three rooms as well as a shared kitchen and toilet/shower. Own fenced garden and a covered-in terrace are also available. Due to its small size and its location the inn is an excellent choice for travellers who appreciate their own peace.
  • Motopark Raceway
    Motoparkintie 62
    FIN-77330 Virtasalmi
    Miia Raukko ja Tapio Nevala
    Tel. +35844 278 0088
    Accommondation reservations:
    Facebook Motopark-Raceway
  • Nikkarila
    Metsäopistontie 100
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Accommondation +35845 660 1553 Esko Sinkkonen
    Kitchen +35840 028 2494
    Different size conference and meeting rooms for groups. Catering by prior order. Also accommondation for groups maximum 100 persons. Regular and beach saunas and also a smoked sauna.
  • Partaharju
    Partaharjuntie 361
    FIN-76280 Partaharju
    Tel. +35844 725 4124
    Partaharju is on the shore of lake Salvosjärvi 6 km from central Pieksämäki. Accommodation, dining, training and conference services. Eight conference rooms for 10-130 people (classrooms, halls). Catering by prior order. The kitchen’s specialities are experience, wilderness and nature meals.
  • Pöyhölän Pappila
    Pöyhöläntie 170
    FIN-76620 Pyhitty
    Tel. +35850 307 8387 / emäntä Minna Vihonen
  • Wanhan Neuvolan Majatalo
    Selkiöntie 24
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tarja Vatanen +35845 189 0710
  • Ysimajat
    Uistinkuja 6
    FIN-76150 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35850 518 7640 tai
    Moteltype accommodation beautifully situated on the shore of Lake Vangasjärvi. The apartments have beds for 4-6 persons.
    Kitchen-livingroom for self-catering.
    In addition, an assembly hall for about 100 people. Meetings/courses also possible, also for smaller groups.
    Sauna by the lake, hot tub and grill hut.