Programme services and equipment rental

  • Ilmatar Instituutin NeoNoo ulkoilmateatteri on luotu muinaiskulttuurien ja esitystaiteiden kansainväliseksi kohtauspaikaksi.
  • Adele 2000 Company Oy
    Talvilahdentie 161
    FIN-77520 Haapakoski
    Motorsport +358500 508 803
    Theatre and event production +35850 372 1402
    The Adele 2000 Company Oy in Haapakoski, Finland, specializes in event production. The company operates nationwide focusing on theatre and concert productions as well as motor sports public events and equipment leasing. The company offers theatre B2B services, e.g. direction, staging, scripts and drawing up marketing concepts with years of experience. The Adele 2000 Company also offers audio services by planning (scripts) and implementing (speakers, recording, mixing) audio advertising and other audio service functions.
  • Akkain Jahti ry
    Tel. +358500 648 246 / Tiina Paananen
    A perennial elk hunting event just for women in Jäppilä. These hunting and training days usually attract more than 50 women. The elk hunt is on the weekend of 3 November.
  • Dörte Leupold-Törrönen
    Tahintie 14 A 4
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +358440 479 034
    Guidance, interpretation and translation services in Finnish, German, English, French and Spanish.
  • Eränavigator T:mi Suomen Tuotekehitys I. Vauhkonen
    Lamminmäentie 376
    FIN-76780 Lamminmäki
    Ilkka Vauhkonen tel. +35844 503 1544,
    Reijo Linden tel. +358400 481 791,
    We arrange a safe and impressive firework display if the opening of your company, anniversary, Christmas party, opening of Christmas season, sports competition or any event requires a finale to be remembered even after many years. The fireworks are always planned according to the site and the theme of the event following client’s wishes. We acquire the required licences and arrange the display from A to Z. All you and your guests have to do is to enjoy the event. Usually it takes about a week to arrange the licence so please contact us in time.
  • Haapakosken Ruukki
    Haapakoskentie 506
    FIN-77520 Haapakoski
    Tel. +358400 282 906/ Jari Väänänen
  • Halkokummun Kesäteatteri
  • MaNe –Tuote
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35850 523 7001 / Markku Neuvonen
    Old bus for 33 passangers.
  • Mikon Torppa ja Kota
    Mikko Heiskanen
    Nevakatu 17
    FIN-76120 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35815 482 619, +358500 340 688
  • Mopulentäjät 88 ry
    Koulutuspäällikkö Andras Fonagy
    Metsämiehentie 56
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35850 597 4145
    Have an extreme experience. Introductory flight in a sailplane with a sailplane instructor starting from Naarajärvi airport. Give your dreams wings and contact us!
  • Motopark Raceway
    Tel. +35844 278 0088
    FIN-77330 Virtasalmi
    Open from 1 May to end of September. In Hällinmäki, at Virtasalmi ca. 35 km from Pieksämäki. The area has 22 camping huts suited for summer living (max. 6 persons, comfortable for 5). The huts have fridges and heating. Additionally rooms for 2 and 4 persons and spots for tents and caravans.
  • Mäenpään Kartanon Ratsastuskoulu
    Mäenpään kartano
    Pohosjoentie 10
    FIN-76130 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +358400 683 741
    Mäenpään Kartanon Ratsastuskoulu facebook
    The riding school at Mäenpään Kartano has served as a hobby and teaching location since 1970. In 1987, a riding hall was built, which enabled year-round teaching and competitions. In addition to riding hours, courses and training events the school also offers riding camps and treks.
  • NatureMagics Oy
    Riitta Järvisalo
    Tel. +35840 545 4422
  • NoeNoo ulkoilmateatteri / Ilmatar Instituutti
    FT, KT Sirkku M. Sky Hiltunen (Dr.Sky)
    In Summer: Sepäntie 30, FIN-77330 Virtasalmi
    Tel. +35840 579 2178
    In Winter: Beyond Mask Expression (BME)
    327 ”S” St. NE, Suite A, Washington, DC, 20002 USA
  • Partaharju
    Partaharjuntie 361
    FIN-76280 Partaharju
    Tel. +35844 725 4124
  • Pieksämäen Kanoottiseura ry.
    Tel. +35840 503 8324 (1.5.-30.9.)
    Paddling equipment, canoes, transport and guidance.
    If you have a paddling map for Naarajoki paddling route, you will find here new
  • Savon Erämaa
    Ahvenisentie 615
    FIN-78850 Varkaus
    Tel. +35850 559 8145
    Excursions by appointment (nature, bird-watching, hiking, cross-country skiing, snow mobile, hunting, fishing, paddling etc.). Equipment (clothes, skis, guns etc.). food, guidance and map services.
  • Teittilän Talli
    Vilhulantie 360
    FIN-76850 Naarajärvi
    Tel. +35840 733 3205
    Teittilän talli is a cosy horse riding school, which is situated between the beautiful village landscapes. Teittilän talli is a member of Finland´s horse riders unite. The distance to Pieksämäki – 8 km, to Naarajärvi – 3 km. Teittilän talli consists of school, 2 paddocks for ponies and new stylish 10 places private corral for horses. For our clients and pupils are available big and comfortable manege 24m x 55m, which contains 300 places tribune and warm café. Also two illuminated street grounds, ground for long ride walks, different tracks with barriers and place for horse swimming (on the distance 600 m) are available. Track is being renewed constantly, nowadays we have there lots of pits, down jumps and water barrier. Besides normal lessons we offer horse riding for special groups, summer camps, walks and picnics, horse-drawn carriages, sledding and so on.
  • Tmi M. Salmi
    Matinmäentie 90
    FIN-76940 Nenonpelto
    Tel. +35850 403 0040
    Catering services (also in nature). Excursions by appointment (nature, bird-watching, hiking, cross-country skiing, fishing, paddling). Guidance and programmes.
  • Tmi MaTo -Limousine
    Pirttimäenkatu 20
    FIN-76150 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +358400 904 402 / Marja Neuvonen
  • Urheilu Tenhunen Ky
    Keskuskatu 7
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35815 228 595
    Bike rental.
    Kauppakatu 1, 3. floor
    FIN-76100 Pieksämäki
    Tel. +35850 543 8850
    Paddling trips in following paddling routes:
    River Naarajoki 1-7 days (Pieksämäki – Kangasniemi)
    Majavaroute 1-3 days (Pieksämäki)
    Oravaroute 1-5 days (Pieksämäki)
    River Suihkolanjoki 1-5 days (Jäppilä – Lake Saimaa)
    River Koitajoki 2-6 days (in Karelia)